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Emergency Lights Ensure That The Product Used In The Battery Has A Good Quality

Emergency lightings is different from the normal lighting of a lighting classification, which includes evacuation lighting, spare lighting and safety lighting. Which evacuation lighting belongs to the fire lighting facilities, spare lighting should be based on different places, require the distinction between the nature of its load.

First, Emergency lightings power

1, taking into account the distribution system high and low voltage power supply switching time is not guaranteed, the battery as an emergency backup power is necessary. According to the size of the Emergency lightings load and the conversion time, the requirements of continuous working hours can also be used independently of the normal power of diesel generating sets.

2, Emergency lightings power supply recommended the use of normal electricity + battery with emergency lights is more reliable, and economical program. In the selection of emergency lights should ensure that the product used in the battery has a good quality.

3, conditional engineering Emergency lightings power supply device can use the normal electricity + EPS centralized power supply program. With the promotion of EPS, the cost is declining, the Emergency lightings control and management requirements of the higher places recommended.

4, the normal electricity is based on different types of building load (such as a class of load requirements dual power supply, two types of load requirements double circuit, three types of load without special requirements), the normal distribution power supply design approach (such as the use of special Emergency lightings distribution Box, floor lighting distribution circuit, etc.), should be able to.

5, a group of Emergency lightings is not recommended to use the normal electricity + centralized EPS power supply device + comes with battery emergency lights too much overlap to save investment.

6, Emergency lightings power supply should be maintained working hours:

6, spare lighting for the normal part of the power supply should be used at the same time set up distribution lines and control switches; standby lighting only in the accident state when used in the normal power failure application automatically put into work.

7, evacuation lighting and spare lighting should be separated.

8, in order to facilitate the management and control, stair lighting can be used vertical power distribution, access to Emergency lightings power. The same time as

Second, the loop organization and control

1, fire Emergency lightings equipment should be dedicated to the power supply circuit; each fire partition should have an 

2, in the use of decentralized power supply, in the layers (or no more than 3 to 4 layers) should be set up special fire Emergency lightings distribution box or special fire distribution box; and should be in the distribution box to achieve two independent power supply Or double-circuit lines).

3, evacuation lighting with Emergency lightings with a battery, the normal power supply can be accessed from the layer (or this area) distribution of the dedicated circuit box, or from the layer (or the area) of the special fire distribution box.

4, fire Emergency lightings should be able to confirm the fire, cut off the relevant parts of the non-fire power at the same time automatically. According to the different requirements of the project can be used fire control room Emergency lightings mode, can also be used in decentralized control mode.

5, usually do not use the evacuation lighting should be in the fire duty room, or power distribution room centralized control.

Third, the line laying and protection

1, fire Emergency lightings lines should be laid according to the requirements of fire distribution lines.

2, fire Emergency lightings system branch line should not cross the fire zone, branch line should not cross the fire zone.

3, fire Emergency lightings wire should be used to meet the requirements of the fire, which evacuation lighting used in the wire, should not use refractory wire to save investment.

4, evacuation lighting, standby lighting circuit should not be set on the socket.

5, Emergency lightings should not use dimming device.

6, the fire Emergency lightings power supply should not be installed leakage protection, when the line occurs when the ground fault, should be set to single-phase ground alarm device. In order to protect the safety of firefighters, fire evacuation lighting can be removed after the standard working hours allowed.

7, scattered installation of the battery with Emergency lightings should be set to power identification (charging) line.

8, power identification line in the distribution from the distribution box, according to the following circumstances to consider protection:

1) When the distribution box main switch protection setting value below 20A, may not consider additional protection;

2) When the distribution box main switch protection setting value greater than 20A, should use the instructions with the fuse protection. When drawing multiple identification lines from the distribution box, it is advisable to consider a fuse for each phase.

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Zhejiang Tormin Electrical Co.,Ltd

Add:No.35 Qingjiang Road, High-tech District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province,China 

Con:Liu hongfei


Tel: +86-577-56966366 / +86-577-56966616

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